Hawaii Yoga Fest Teacher


Hawaii Yoga Fest Teacher


She was born and raised in Osaka. She moved to Hawaii in 2007. She started practicing yoga when she was studying English in Pennsylvania state, USA. Since then, yoga has been a part of her life. When she lost her loved one, she encountered with a powerful healer, and leaned about healing energy. Along completing her study about spirituality and healing, she completed her teacher training to be a certified yoga instructor. She is one of the founders of Hawaii Palms English School in Waikiki. Currently, she is a senior enrollment coordinator as well as teaching English and Yoga Wellness at school.


「心と体を浄化し引寄せ効果をアップさせる。」ハワイ在住のヨガインストラクターKAYOKO先生。ハワイからオンラインレギュラークラスを開催してくれます!!画面を通して気持ちの良いハワイの風を感じてみませんか? ハワイから配信・ヨガ的エネルギー学を学びながらメディテーション・呼吸・ポーズを通してボディ・マインド・スピリットを融合していきます。チャクラを整え、心と体、オーラを浄化し、いつもキラキラした自分で居れるように、そしてどのように引寄せ効果を高め、人生を豊かにすることができるか、毎回のレッスンでたくさんの人生のヒントを得ることができる心と体のヨガクラスです。 Teacher will guide you to unite your body mind and spirit by practicing of asana, pranayama, and meditation from Hawaii. You will learn about basic understanding of energy and the law of attraction each time you take the class. Attract the life you want by balancing your chakras, cleansing your body mind and aura.


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Wellness – Healthy life, healthy eating habits, state of mind, relationships and more


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